Vision and Mission


To foster a love for reading, engage curious minds, and create a literacy safe haven for children in pediatric wards and clinics.


Literacy is a key component to increasing a child's brain capacity, academic development and future success. Founded in 2016, Healing Words Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization that seeks to provide literacy items to children in pediatric wards and outpatient clinics in developing nations.

Often times admission to a hospital can be a source of stress for children. Healing Words seeks to provide an opportunity to retreat into the comfort of a book, allowing the imagination to take flight, if even for a short while. Well-visits and outpatient appointments are also an opportunity to engage a parent/care giver and child in the act of reading.

Healing Words Foundation recognizes the importance of reading to a child's holistic health, and uses bibliotherapy to ignite and perpetuate a love for books among patients and their families.